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Alternative dispute resolution places a high value on confidentiality and here is what you can expect from us:

a) Referrers 

We will not disclose any information about a dispute or information concerning the people involved in a dispute.  Unless the parties give us express permission, we will not share the details of any intervention, apart from:

i) The parties have agreed to take part/continue with the dispute resolution process.

ii) The parties have/have not reached an agreement in mediation, restorative practice or conciliation.

iii) Exceptions – see below.

b) People Involved In The Dispute

We will not disclose anything you tell us to anyone, except where you give us prior permission, apart from:

i) If the case has come to us from a referrer, then we’ll share your agreement to continue with dispute resolution, and if you do/do not reach some sort of an agreement to the dispute.  The latter does not include the details of how the dispute has been resolved.

ii) Exceptions – see below.

c) Exceptions

In very exceptional circumstances we will disclose information regarding a dispute, or the people involved in a dispute, to the relevant authorities, but only when we have:

i) Allegations of terrorism or serious crime.

ii) Evidence that there is an immediate and serious threat to safety or welfare, which will include safeguarding issues concerning children, vulnerable adults or animals.

iii) Been subpoenaed to disclose information in a court of law.


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