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Community & Neighbour Issues


Who we help:

  • Neighbours
  • Housing Associations
  • Tenants
  • Landlords
  • Private Home Owners
  • Local Authorities
  • Estate Agents
  • Letting Agents

Types of Dispute

Noise, children / teenager behaviour, pets, rubbish, parking disputes, boundary / high hedge disputes, inappropriate or threatening behaviour, property upkeep and maintenance, communal areas.

How we help: we use the following techniques to resolve neighbour and tenant disputes:

Case Investigation – We can conduct impartial and independent investigations on your behalf; into complaints against neighbours and tenants, making recommendations on how best to resolve the dispute.  We can also independently chair formal hearings and appeals.

Conflict Coaching – We help individuals to deal with issues or conflict which may be causing them stress, anxiety, or worry.  This could be at home with a family member or neighbour, or at work with colleagues.  We can help both before and after the dispute resolution process, giving space in which people can look in on their problem, consider how to best handle the situation and what could be done differently to resolve the issue.

Mediation – Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process, where both parties agree to resolve differences and issues.  The mediator facilitates the meeting, but does not propose solutions.

Community Conciliation – Conciliation is the process of settling disputes which involve bringing two opposing parties together to reach agreement over an issue or issues which is agreeable to both parties avoiding taking an issue to litigation. The conciliator evaluates options and proposes solutions, getting the parties to agree mutually acceptable terms, avoiding potential litigation.

Restorative Justice – Restorative Justice is a different way of resolving conflict.  It brings together those involved in a conflict to try to solve the problem in a way acceptable that is to all; in the process restoring broken relationships.  Restorative justice considers the harm done and strives for agreement from all concerned – the victims, the offender and the community – about making amends.

Training – we deliver conflict resolution training for housing officers, front desk staff, ASB personnel and community advocates.

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