Family Offices

Family Offices (also known as Family Enterprises)

Families may have substantial assets in either investments, land or businesses.  They will often consolidate the management of these assets in a family office, set up to co-ordinate a wide range of functions, including future planning and succession.

Types of Dispute

As families become more diverse, and as significant decisions may impact on several generations, it’s not uncommon for family members to have differing expectations about the future. Differences of opinion might include:

  • Investment or business growth strategies.
  • Succession decisions.
  • Support for charitable institutions and socially responsible investments, including foundations.
  • Who benefits from the wealth generated by the family office.

Through mediation we offer a cost effective, efficient and confidential way of resolving family office disputes –  issues that can cost thousands of pounds in legal costs, fracture close family relationships and put the future prosperity of the family at risk.

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