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LCP FAQ’s For Community Groups

Learning Communities for Peace 2016-2019

A European Union Project Exploring How Communities Can Develop Their Own Solutions to Conflict

1. Where did the Learning Communities for Peace Project come from?

The Learning Communities for Peace Project (LCP) was initiated by the European Union to address two major concerns:

a) There was a lack of success in resolving conflict in communities when the solutions were brought in by governments or third parties (i.e. top down), who were not part of that community.  The project proposed that communities could develop and own solutions to conflict (a bottom up approach).

 b) In 2016 Europe was experiencing considerable migration from countries ravaged by war.  The EU were concerned that little was being done to reduce conflict in communities that received migrants.

2. What is LCP?

LCP is a tool that can be used to develop local solutions to conflict within a community.  Community members are given a framework to identify issues, develop solutions, plan how they’ll make the change and measure outcomes.  The project also documents the experiences of others trying to achieve change, using the LCP process, as a reference source for people using the framework.

3.  What Will Happen When the Project Finishes?

The research project will close on 1.9.19, but will leave behind web-based resources:

a) Project Report.

b) Evaluation Report.

c) Toolkit – on line resources for those who wish utilise the LCP approach.

d) Workshop – the materials needed for those considering an LCP approach.

These resources should be available from 1.11.19 and they will be free to use by anyone who feels the materials would be helpful.

4. The Project Was Heavily Schools Based

Primary schools were selected as the proving ground for the project as they are easy to identify in communities and the evaluation of the project ideas could be measured within a defined group of people.  The LCP concept is applicable to all communities, large and small, with or without the inclusion of a school.

5. How Much Does LCP Cost?

The web materials are free to use.  The project toolkit encourages people thinking about a project to consider what resources they already have and where additional funding might come from.

6. How Can We Communicate with Other People Who Have Become Involved?

As the project will formally finish on 1.9.19, it is hoped that people will create a ‘community of communities’ to share their experiences, but this will need to be self-initiated without the support of the EU.

7. Where Can I Find Out More?

Although it will not be complete until later this year, the LCP site is at

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