How Mediation Works

Mediation consists of four simple steps:

Step 1

Contact us a confidential, no obligation discussion about your case.  We can then tell you if the case is suitable for mediation and estuimate how much it might cost.


Step 2

When you’d like to move forward, we’ll contact everyone else involved and have a 1:1 meeting with them (and we’ll speak to you again in more detail).  We’ll talk about how they see things, explain how mediation works and offer them the opportunity to take part in mediation.


Step 3

If everyone is in agreement, we’ll move forward to a joint meeting.  This might be face to face or the mediator can move between everyone, without them seeing each other, if this is preferable.  The meeting can be in a neutral location or be by video or phone conference.


Step 4

If people find a way forward, we’ll record their agreement in a way that best meets their needs.  The agreement can be converted into a legally binding document by your legal representative.

Legal Advice – we strongly suggest you consult a legal advisor before committing to mediation and when considering what form of agreement will best meet your needs.

Many people aren’t familiar with the mediation process. Our video shows how it works and what it might feel like to be involved.