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Employment Disputes

Who we help:

  • Employers.
  • Employees.
  • Managers.
  • Board members.
  • Human Resource Professionals.

Types of Dispute:

  • Communication issues.
  • Disruptive behaviours.
  • Personality clashes, issues with working practices, breakdown of working relations with your boss, direct report, colleague or team,  communication barriers between managers and teams, accusations of discrimination, complaints against a member of staff (internal or external).
  • Client or stakeholder complaints.
  • Allegations of bullying and harassment.
  • Disciplinary and grievance cases.

We use the following tools to resolve disputes:

Case Investigation
We can conduct impartial and independent investigations of grievance complaints and disciplinary issues, on your behalf.   We make recommendations to resolve the dispute and can also independently chair formal hearings and appeals.

Mediation can repair relationships by resolving the issues that create conflict at an early stage and without the need for further more formal procedures.  We offer independent, impartial and confidential intervention.  Through the mediation process we facilitate a solutions focussed discussion and communication between the parties in conflict.

Employment Conciliation
Conciliation is the process of settling disputes which involve bringing two opposing parties together, to reach agreements over issues that are acceptable to both parties, avoiding more formal action and avoiding litigation. The conciliator proposes solutions getting the parties to agree mutually acceptable terms.  As with the mediation proceedings, the ultimate decision to agree on the settlement remains with the parties.

Restorative Approach
In cases involving grievance complaints and disciplinary issues, when there is an identifiable perpetrator and victim, we work with individuals and groups to resolve the issue, rebuilding long term trust and confidence in their relationship.

Conflict Coaching
Coaching is about helping an individual to deal with an issue or conflict, which may be causing them stress, anxiety, or difficulties at work or at home.  It gives a space in which an employee or manager can look in on their problem and consider how to handle their problem, to decide what could be done differently to resolve their issue.

Conflict resolution training for managers, employees and HR professionals.

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