Family Mediation


Family Mediation

Family mediation is concerned with separation, divorce and the ongoing care of children from a relationship.  It involves people who may have been married, civil partners, living together or their relationship may only have been brief. Mediation begins with 1:1 Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAM’s).  If everyone agrees to continue,  joint meetings are arranged, face to face, on line or by shuttle (where couples are not in the same room). Finally, there should be a written agreement on finances, separation and/or child arrangements.


Types of Dispute

Partners,  parents and other family members are confronted with a whole range of issues during separation, that include:

  • The division of their finances and how each person is going to live independently. .
  • Who will file for divorce or dissolution of their legal relationship? – For people who are married or in a civil partnership.
  • If there are children from the relationship: Who the children will live with, who will pay the children’s living expenses, how often the children will spend time with each parent, what happens if parents temporarily can’t meet their obligations, how parents agree on their children’s changing needs?
  • The rights of grandparents and parental responsibility in certain cases.

Mediation can result in a voluntary agreement or it can be approved by the family court.

Our Fees and Charges

  • Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting £90.00 (for each person).
  • Signing Court Forms £30.00 (if one or both partners cannot or do not want to continue with mediation).
  • Joint Sessions (1.5 hour meetings) £125.00 for each person.
  • Reports – Memorandum of Understanding, Open Financial Statement, Child Arrangements Agreement – £125.00 per person.

Family Voucher Scheme

Partners who engage in mediation joint meetings, where the issue is wholly or partly involving children, can qualify for a £500.00 grant from the government. This is not means tested.