Family, Probate & Lasting Power of Attorney Mediation

Why ask us to mediate?

Because we can help resolve your dispute quickly, confidentially and inexpensively

Our practice areas

Probate & Estate Administration

For beneficiares, executors, administrators and anyone who is concerned about how an estate is being managed.

Family Mediation

For married couples, civil partners, people in relationships with children, who are considering separation, living independently and/or their continuing commitments towards their children.

Lasting Power of Attorney

For attorneys, donors, certificate providers or anyone concerned about how a person’s finances or care is being managed by an attorney,

Family Businesses, Offices or Enterprises

For family members, advisors and anyone concerned with issues arising from the management and succession of a family business, office or enterprise.

Trusts & Trustees

For trustees, beneficaries, settlors (people who have set up a trust) or anyone who is concerned how a trust is being managed.

An Introduction to Mediation

As most people have not experienced mediation, this short clip, from a longer video, explains how mediation works.  It shows a conversation between Chris (who is unhappy with the inheritenace he’ll receive following the death of his mother) and his legal advisor.


“It was a pleasure to work with you through out a difficult and sensitive set of negotiators where trust and respect amongst us siblings had broken down. Your impartiality, approach and methodology was very effective, transparent. It was a surprise that we eventually all arrived at a memorandum of understanding. This has avoided going down a costly arbitration route to achieve the same objective. Thank you for all your effort and support – a worthwhile and very reasonable price to pay for achieving a happy resolution between us siblings.”
Andrew Cowen

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