Trusts & Trustees

Trusts and Trustees


Trusts are an agreement between a person who owns an asset (a settlor) and a person who agrees to manage the asset (the trustee) for the benefit of another person (the beneficiary).  The asset is transferred to the trustee ‘on trust’ –  which means they will manage the asset according to the settlor’s wishes and not benefit from the asset themselves (unless they are also a beneficiary). 

Types of Dispute

Disputes can arise between trustees, beneficiaries and settlors that include:

  • Trustees being accused of not sharing information, inefficiently managing the trust, charging too much (when they are permitted to charge a fee) or not following the settlor’s wishes.
  • Beneficiaries making unreasonable demands on the trustees or feeling they are being ignored.
  • Settlors being unhappy that the objectives of their trust are not being achieved.

Through mediation we offer a cost effective, efficient and private way of resolving trust and trustee disputes –  issues that can complicate the way trusts are managed, rack up thousands of pounds in legal costs and deprive beneficiaries of the benefits they are entitled to.

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