A housing officer had an ongoing problem with two tenants resulting in a regular weekly complaint phone call into the office from one or other tenant. The situation had deteriorated to such an extent that the neighbours did not speak, got to each other through their kids and were deliberately inconsiderate and difficult toward each other.
The housing officer had wrote letters, spoke individually to the tenants and even had them into the office to speak to them about their issues. As a last resort the housing officer referred the case for mediation.
The neighbours whilst not exactly friends are now on speaking terms. Since the mediation the housing officer had has no complaints from either tenant.
The mediators were able to get the neighbours to talk to one another when they would not do so before, through mediation the neighbours were able to find a way to get along.
To quote the housing officer “I don’t know how they did it. I will certainly use mediation again.”
arc, alternative resolutions to conflict, are here to help. We:
• Lay the foundations for repairing the damage caused by disputes
• We help to rebuild relationships
• We minimise unproductive time spent on disputes and associated costs
• We bring people together using mediation and conciliation
• We offer one to one support
• We deliver training
The earlier a dispute is referred the greater the chance of an effective and lasting solution.

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