At some time in our life we are going to be conned.  No matter how careful we are, how many cross checks we make, no matter how many reviews we read, someone is going to get the better of us.  Whether it’s a holiday company selling us short on the experience of a lifetime, our card being cloned at a restaurant or paying an emailed invoice we never owed in the first place.  We’ll kick ourselves that we shouldn’t have been so stupid.  We could reduce the risk by never taking a chance on anything – but then we’d be stuck in a pretty mundane existence.

People agreeing to move forward with mediation take a risk.  They make a leap of faith on the assumption that the other person involved in their dispute wants to resolve the problem too.  They open the door to being asked to explain the way they see things, why they acted in the way they did and what part they can play in putting things right.

Putting your faith in probate and trust mediation takes courage, patience and conviction. But if you do nothing, how will your tomorrow be any different from today?

(Photo Credit: Shutterstock 391722010)

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