Trusts are deceptively simple.  The legal owner of an asset, transfers its ownership to a willing third party (a trustee), for the benefit of another person (a beneficiary).   But there are a complex set of rules governing trusts, that can make disputes very difficult to resolve.

Disputes generally arise between trustees and beneficiaries, when they disagree.  Beneficiaries may feel that trustees are not managing the trust’s assets efficiently, not communicating, or not adequately meeting the needs of the beneficiaries.  Trustees can feel that beneficiaries are asking for too much information or trying to interfere with the trustee’s management of a trust.

Unless the dispute can only be dealt with by a court, mediation has a role to play in clarifying the issues, sharing people’s points of view and finding a shared solution.   The first step is making contact with a mediator, to have a conversation about your case, how mediation works and how to move forward.

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